Taxi Thuong Tin car rental

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Taxi & car type at Thuong Tin district :

4 seater TAXI Thuong Tin : Kia morning , Vinfast fadil , Hyundai Getz, Toyota Wigo

5 seater TAXI Thuong Tin : Toyota Vios , Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent…

7 seaters TAXI Thuong Tin : Toyota Rush / Mitsubishi Xpander , Suzuki Ertiga…

8 seater TAXI Thuong Tin : Toyota Innova , Toyota Fortuner , Isuzu Mux…

16 seater Van : Ford Transit , Toyota Hiace , Hyundai Solati….

29 seater coach : Hyundai county , Samco Felix , Thaco garden…

35 seater buses : Thaco garden, Samco, Universe…

45 seater buese : Universe , Thaco, Samco

TAXI car rental price in Thuong Tin :

4 seater taxi price : 8.000 vnd / km

5 seater taxi price : 9.000 vnd / km

7 seater taxi price : 10.000 vnd / km

8 seater taxi price : 12.000 vnd / km

16 seater Van / 29 seater coach / 35 seater, 45 seater buses : Please contact

Taxi car rental at Thuong Tin & communes :

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Taxi car rental price to airports & Hanoi city central :

Taxi Thuong Tin -> Hanoi central - distance 25 km - time to drive 40 minutes

Taxi Thuong Tin -> Noi Bai Hanoi airport - distance 50 km - time to drive 1,5 hour

Taxi Thuong Tin -> Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa airport - distance 155 km - time to drive 3,5 hours

Taxi Thuong Tin -> Cat Bi Hai Phong airport - distance 140 km - time to drive 2,5 hours

Taxi Thuong Tin -> Van Don airport Quang Ninh – distance 220 km – time to drive 3,5 hours

Thuong Tin tourist attractions :

Taxi Quat Dong embroidery village / Taxi Dau pagoda / Taxi Duyen Thai city