Cat Bi airport car rental to Ha Long

Cat Bi airport car rental to Ha Long - "Ha Long" means "Bay of Descending Dragons" though prior to the 19th century this name was not recorded in any document or archive. When mentioning the present-day Quang Ninh Sea or Ha Long Bay, old historical books often referred to them by the names of An Bang, Luc Thuy or Van Don. Not until the late 19th century did the name of Ha Long Bay appear on a French Marine Map. The Hai Phong News, a French newspaper of the time, had an article, Dragon appears on Ha Long Bay, reporting the following story: In 1898 a sub-lieutenant named Lagredin, captaining the Avalanse reported seeing a huge sea snake on Ha Long Bay. This was also witnessed by many of the crews. Thus emerged the European image of the Asian dragon. Whether this appearance of a strange animal looking like a dragon resulted the name of Ha Long Bay is not known.

Distance Cat Bi airport Ha Long : 50 km

Time to travel from Cat Bi airport to Ha Long : 45 minutes

Travel routes from Cat Bi airport to Ha Long : Cat Bi -> Bach Dang bridge -> highway Hai Phong -> Ha Long

4 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Ha Long : 600.000 VND

7 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Ha Long : 800.000 VND

The Ha Long Bay archipelago is made up of 1,969 islands, both settled and uninhabited. These can be accessed from various ports, though in the special case of Cat Ba you can also arrive either by car, motorbike or bus (via Haiphong) or combined bus/boat (from Hanoi via Halong City).

This unique UNESCO World Heritage Site is a popular place for tourists and it is good to know that large parts of Ha Long Bay are officially protected from development. The islands vary greatly in size and shape as well as structure.

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Halong bay Attractions

To go beyond the overcrowded Halong Bay area, Halong Bay Management will have 3 kind tickets (follow by 3 routes below) that tourist or tour companies can buy. If you buy tickets for Route #1, you can only visit the attractions in Route #1. If you would like to mix-up attractions between different route, you will have to buy extra ticket to visit the attractions. Most of tour companies will only buy ticket for one route, but you should consult with your tour company about what you would like to visit.

Route #1

Tien Ong Cave : Recently launched for the public, Tien Ong still maintains its pristine beauty which will surely charms visitors.

Cua Van Fishing Floating Village : Ranked among the world's most beautiful small villages by Huffington Post, visiting Cua Van is an opportunity for guests to explore more about local culture that has existed for centuries.

Three Peach Island : Humbly located in off the beaten path area, Three Peach Island offers beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear water, and is an ideal place to kayak or swim.

Viet Hai Village : Viet Hai is the best example of peace amidst the so-call "crowded Halong Bay". Viet Hai is on Cat Ba Island and rich with its own culture. The village is opens a whole new world to its guests.

Coc Cheo Islet : The place is within the area filmed Kong, Coc Cheo Islet is small and has interesting shape. The whole area is a treasure hunt for cine-lovers!

Maze Cave : As said in the name, Maze Cave has phenomenally complex structure and remnants of preliminary Halong culture (7,000 - 10,000 years ago). The cave is more stunning with light effects nowadays.

Route #2

Vung Vieng Fishing Floating Village : The number one activity and must-do in Halong Bay, a visit in the World's wonder is never complete without doing even a short ride on a junk cruise across the limestone formations and emerald waters.

Tung Sau Pearl Farm : Perfect for those who like to explore on their own and for those who have more active lifestyles, kayaking through Halong Bay is one of the best ways to experience the area.

Finger Islet : The islet is shaped as a finger, aiming to the sky. The surrounding around this islet will create very unique photo background for tourists.

Kong Skull Island : After seeing the movie on silver screen, perhaps lots of people wonder what the real Kong Skull Island looks like in reality. Why not coming to Halong Bay to figure out?

Dau Be Island : The island is one of the most hidden gems of Halong Bay that will definitely offers fresh air to its visitors

Thien Canh Son Cave : The wild cave has attracted both domestic and foreign visitors annually for its mysterious and gorgeous stalagmites and stalactites. It has 100 stone steps similarly to stairway to heaven.

Route #3

Titov Beach : The beach is shaped like crescent moon that can be captured from above. Titov has been well known to many tourists all over the world.

Ho Ba Ham Islet : Its water scene is perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. Ho Ba Ham offers very peaceful and holy sense.

Surprise Cave : The largest cave of all in Halong Bay, different departments of this cave will keep you "wow"-ing the whole time.

Trinh Nu Cave : The cave is often related to the faithfulness of love and absolutely a charm! Come and visit Trinh Nu Cave to listen to its beautiful story and sense the elegant surrounds created by the Nature.

Luon Cave : Guests will fall in love with the idyllic vibe as seeing stalagmites and stalactites up-close. The clear waterway is very relaxing as guests can surpass the cave via sailing.

Cong Do Island : Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Cong Do Island is less known to the world, but its ecosystem is thriving with diversity.

Things To Do In Halong Bay

Covering such a wide area for tourism and economic purposes, Halong Bay is a place where you’ll never run out of things to do.From outdoor and active activities to a more relaxed and food-focused itinerary, there’s always something to do for all kinds of travelers . Here are some addition activities besides visiting famous attractions you can expect when join a Halong Bay Tour

Join Agriculture Tour

Experiencing and learning to how traditional farmers plant organic foods served onboard, guests will find a variety of healthy and unique plants of Vietnam via this activity.

Kayaking : Perfect for those who like to explore on their own and for those who have more active lifestyles, kayaking through Halong Bay is one of the best ways to experience the area.

Sunbathing : Only appropriate and doable in specific times of the year, sunbathing in Halong Bay is most of the time overlooked by many visitors. But as far as we’re concerned, this is among the things you should definitely do in Halong Bay. And the best thing about it is no charge!

Trekking : Trekking is very much doable in any part of Halong Bay, whether you’re staying in Tuan Chau Island near the fishing villages, Cat Ba Island, or by Hon Gai District, there are places where you could trek or hike.

Cycling : Same as trekking, cycling can be done in almost every major part of Halong Bay and Halong City, including Cat Ba Island and the city center.

Rock Climbing : With limited options and only provided by one company in Cat Ba Island for now, rock climbing is advisable for the sporty types of travelers, ranging from beginner to expert level. For a more adventurous option, visitors can also try Deep Water Soloing.

Clean The Bay : Although passengers cannot directly join in our "cleaning the bay" activities, they can contribute in different ways that still return tremendous meaning to the environment and ecosystem.

Tai Chi : One of the most common early morning activities for those doing the overnight cruises in Halong Bay, Tai Chi is a great alternative to a morning workout onboard.

Cooking Class : Also one of the most common activities onboard for overnight and 2-night cruises, cooking classes usually take place in the afternoons after all the off-board activities and right before everyone settling down for the dinner.

Spa & Wellness : Usually available in luxury cruises, spa and wellness services are readily available for those who want to maximize their relaxation time in Halong Bay, most ideally while cruising over the calm waters of the bay

Squid Fishing : The cruise activity that everyone looks forward to, squid fishing is the only thing you can do once night time is up on the cruise. It brings people together and creates lots of laughter at the same time.

Outdoor Cinema : Enjoying a wide selection of classic move under the celestial night of Halong Bay, this experience will absolutely blow mind of cine-lovers!

How Is The Weather?

Halong is in the North of Vietnam and with a tropical monsoon climate. Four seasons deliver four distinct weather features, which make Halong an amazing place to enjoy your holiday.

The best time to visit Halong Bay

October to December

The most popular period of the year for western tourists and visitors, October to December for some people can be the best time to go to Halong Bay as the weather is not sweaty, the waters are still calm as during summers, and the sky can still be blue and clear, depending on which month you go with.

The only cons during this period is the incredible number of tourists from all over the globe flocking Halong Bay usually all at the same time, especially during Christmas to New Year’s seasons.

Another disappointing factor during the high season for Halong Bay is that the weather can be mostly dull, grey, and quite chilly, as winter in the northern part of Vietnam starts around the end of November and can last until early April.

Again, the best way to avoid disappointment is to double check all necessary information with your tour operator or cruise company before booking anything. It’s always best to be prepared before flying to your final destination rather than find out the worst is yet to come.