Hanoi Car Rental to Ha Nam

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Ha Nam is located on south of Red River Delta, southern gateway of Hanoi. It shares border with Hung Yen, Ha Tay provinces on the north, Hoa Binh Province on the west, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces on the south and south-east. Ha Nam has tropical climate, divided into two seasons: rainy season lasts from October to May and dry season lasts from November to April next year. The annual average temperature is 23oC.

Ha Nam has a long lasting culture. In the war of resistance against the French and Americans, the town has been flattened three times. Today, Phu Ly town is the center of culture, politics, and economy of the province. Province is small but there are many historic and scenic places such as Truc Temple and Ngu Dong Son (five grottoes), Ba Danh pagoda and Ngoc Mountain, Cam Mountain, Luon Cave, Kha Phong Cavern and so on. The province is proud of Lieu Doi wrestling festival (5th day of the 1st lunar month), Truc temple festival (6th day of the 2nd lunar month), traditional trade villages such as Doi Tam drum, Nha Xa silk handicraft, Thanh Ha embroidery, Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo villages.

Types of vehicles supply at Ha Noi to Ha Nam :

4 seater TAXI : Toyota Vios , Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent…

7 seaters TAXI : Toyota Innova , Toyota Fortuner , Isuzu Mux…

16 seater Van : Ford Transit , Hyundai Solati…

29 seater coach at Hanoi to Ha Nam : Hyundai County , Samco, Thaco…

35 seater bus at Hanoi to Ha Nam : Universe , Samco, Thaco garden…

45 seater bus at Hanoi to Ha Nam : Universe , Thaco, Samco…

Taxi, car rental price at Hanoi to Ha Nam :

4 seater TAXI : from 8000 vnd/km

7 seaters TAXI : From 10.000 vnd /km

16 seater Van : From 13.000 vnd/km

29 seater coach at Hanoi to Ha Nam : Contact us

35 - 45 seater bus at Hanoi to Ha Nam : Contact us

Taxi car rental to Ha Nam districts :

TAXI car rental to Phu Ly / TAXI car rental to Duy Tien / TAXI car rental to Binh Luc / TAXI car rental to Kim Bang / TAXI car rental to Ly Nhan / TAXI car rental to Thanh Liem

Hanoi car rental & private taxi to visit Ha Nam attractions :

Taxi car rental to Truc Temple / Taxi car rental to Ba Danh pagoda / Taxi car rental to Nha Xa silk village / Taxi car rental to Long Doi Son pagoda / Taxi car rental to Bat Canh Son / Taxi car rental to Lanh Giang temple / Taxi car rental to Tran Thuong temple / Taxi car rental to Tam Chuc pagoda