Taxi Gia Lam car rental

Taxi Gia Lam car rental – Whenever need a private taxi at Gia Lam, Taxi Gia Lam, car rental at Gia Lam, hire a car at Gia Lam district to Noi Bai airport, to Hanoi central, taxi Gia Lam to Hai Phong airport, Quang Ninh airport or Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa airport…Need a luxury car at Gia Lam for business or leisure, Please give us a call, message, vibe or Whatsapp to +84911895016 We will issue the best price and good car. We are very first car rental company at Gia Lam district with more than 15 year experience supply taxi service, car hire from 4 seater budget taxi to 45 seater luxury buses, All our vehicles are new, modern and clean, Our taxi driver are professional, trustworthy and enthusiastic – We have served thousand customer to airport or long way to discovery Vietnam Gia Lâm is a district (huyện) of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Prior to 2003, the district covered the entire area of Long Biên district, which included Long Biên Bridge, Gia Lâm Airport, Gia Lâm railway station, Gia Lâm bus station and the headquarters of Vietnam Airlines. Gia Lâm District is bordered by Bắc Ninh Province to the east and north, Đông Anh District to the northwest, Long Biên District and Hoàng Mai District to the west, Thanh Trì District and Hưng Yên Province to the south. As of 2011, the district had a population of 243,957. The district covers an area of 115 km2 (44 sq mi). The district capital lies at Trâu Quỳ township.

Taxi & car type at Gia Lam district :

4 seater TAXI Gia Lam : Kia morning , Vinfast fadil , Hyundai Getz, Toyota Wigo

5 seater TAXI Gia Lam : Toyota Vios , Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent…

7 seaters TAXI Gia Lam : Toyota Rush / Mitsubishi Xpander , Suzuki Ertiga…

8 seater TAXI Gia Lam : Toyota Innova , Toyota Fortuner , Isuzu Mux…

16 seater Van : Ford Transit , Toyota Hiace , Hyundai Solati….

29 seater coach : Hyundai county , Samco Felix , Thaco garden…

35 seater buses : Thaco garden, Samco, Universe…

45 seater buese : Universe , Thaco, Samco

TAXI car rental price in Gia Lam :

4 seater taxi price : 8.000 vnd / km

5 seater taxi price : 9.000 vnd / km

7 seater taxi price : 10.000 vnd / km

8 seater taxi price : 12.000 vnd / km

16 seater Van / 29 seater coach / 35 seater, 45 seater buses : Please contact

Taxi car rental at Gia Lam & communes :

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Taxi car rental price to airports & Hanoi city central :

Taxi Gia Lam -> Hanoi central - distance 15 km - time to drive 30 minutes

Taxi Gia Lam -> Noi Bai Hanoi airport - distance 35 km - time to drive 40 minutes

Taxi Phu Xuyen -> Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa airport - distance 180 km - time to drive 4 hours

Taxi Gia Lam -> Cat Bi Hai Phong airport - distance 120 km - time to drive 2 hours

Taxi Gia Lam -> Van Don airport Quang Ninh – distance 200 km – time to drive 3 hours

Gia Lam tourists attractions :

Taxi Bat Trang pottery village / Taxi Happy land park / Taxo Veco Education park / Taxi Canh Buom Xanh tourist site / Taxi Vinhomes Ocean Park / Taxi Hanhomes Blue Star Trâu Quỳ / Taxi The Zen Park / Taxi MASTERI WATERFRONT / Taxi Eurowindow Twin Parks Gia Lam / Taxi Dang Xa city