Taxi Son Tay car rental

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Sơn Tây is a district-level town ("thị xã") in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It was the capital of Sơn Tây province before merging with Hà Đông province to form Hà Tây province in 1965. Sơn Tây lies 35 km west of the capital Hanoi. It had a city status in Hà Tây province. However, when Hà Tây was absorbed into Hanoi, Sơn Tây was demoted from a city to a town.

It is often referred to as “soldier town” due to the proliferation of army barracks and military institutions that surrounds the town, including the Vietnamese People's Army Infantry Academy. Sơn Tây is known for its thousand year old villages, such as Đường Lâm which retains a collection of vernacular architecture with buildings and temples built using laterite bricks. Và Temple, or Đông Cung, dedicated to Tản Viên, is located on a hill covered with ironwood trees in Vân Giã hamlet, Trung Hưng commune. Phạm Văn Đổng, a general, was from Sơn Tây.

Taxi & car type at Son Tay town :

4 seater TAXI Son Tay : Kia morning , Vinfast fadil , Hyundai Getz, Toyota Wigo

5 seater TAXI Son Tay : Toyota Vios , Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent…

7 seaters TAXI Son Tay : Toyota Rush / Mitsubishi Xpander , Suzuki Ertiga…

8 seater TAXI Son Tay : Toyota Innova , Toyota Fortuner , Isuzu Mux…

16 seater Van : Ford Transit , Toyota Hiace , Hyundai Solati….

29 seater coach : Hyundai county , Samco Felix , Thaco garden…

35 seater buses : Thaco garden, Samco, Universe…

45 seater buese : Universe , Thaco, Samco

TAXI car rental price in Son Tay:

4 seater taxi price : 8.000 vnd / km

5 seater taxi price : 9.000 vnd / km

7 seater taxi price : 10.000 vnd / km

8 seater taxi price : 12.000 vnd / km

16 seater Van / 29 seater coach / 35 seater, 45 seater buses : Please contact

Taxi car rental at Son Tay town & communes :

Taxi car rental Lê Lợi / Taxi car rental Ngô Quyền / Taxi car rental Quang Trung / Taxi car rental Phú Thịnh / Taxi car rental Sơn Lộc / Taxi car rental Trung Hưng / Taxi car rental Viên Sơn / Taxi car rental Trung Sơn Trầm / Taxi car rental Xuân Khanh / Taxi car rental Cổ Đông / Taxi car rental Đường Lâm / Taxi car rental Kim Sơn, / Taxi car rental Sơn Đông / Taxi car rental Thanh Mỹ / Taxi car rental Xuân Sơn

Taxi car rental price to airports & Hanoi city central :

Taxi Son Tay -> Hanoi central - distance 55 km - time to drive 1,5 hours

Taxi Son Tay -> Noi Bai Hanoi airport - distance 50 km - time to drive 1,5 hour

Taxi Son Tay -> Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa airport - distance 195 km - time to drive 4 hours

Taxi Son Tay -> Cat Bi Hai Phong airport - distance 175 km - time to drive 3 hours

Taxi Son Tay -> Van Don airport Quang Ninh – distance 260 km – time to drive 4 hours

Son Tay tourist attractions :

Taxi Duong Lam village / Taxi Son Tay ancient citadel / Taxi Vietnam Ethnology Cultures village / Taxi Mia pagoda / Taxi Dong Mo / Taxi Khai Nguyen pagoda / Taxi Hoa Lac premier Residence / Taxi HUD Son Tay

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