Hanoi Sleeper Bus Hoa Binh

Located on the entrance of the Northwest region of Vietnam, Hoa Binh Province is proud to be one of the oldest areas in Vietnam with the world-famous “Hoabinhian Culture” (Van Hoa Hoa Binh). In the last few years, Hoa Binh has strongly developed to be a tourist attraction city thanks to its valuable natural and cultural heritages.

Although Hoa Binh’s geographical characteristics cause it many difficulties in developing its infrastructure and economy, the accumulated mountainous topography here is really a Godsend in term of tourist attraction. Together with average-high mountains are green valleys; surrounded by primitive forests with thousand species of rare plants and animal and hundreds of fanciful caves and streams that offer tourists numbers of tours like adventurous hiking, walking, hunting or hot spring.

Going 30km further from Hoa Binh Town, travelers may recognize a bunch of hotels and inns which offer hot-spring service on both side of the road. The area is lucky to have the source of mineral water from Kim Boi hot-spring. Mineral water here is always naturally kept at 36oC and is proven to be able to drink and bath. More interesting, the water may help healing diseases like arthritis, gastritis, and hypertension.

Thung Nai is another ideal spot for ecotourism which ones can get there by travelling on romantic green surface of Da River through winding currents and wonderful view along its sides. Thung Nai is especially suitable for tourists who seek for peaceful relaxing time with family or friends, forgetting all about the stresses of busy life and enjoying stunning natural wonder. Thung Nai is also regarded as “Ha Long Bay on land”.

Other ecotourism destinations for travelers in Hoa Binh are Da Bac and Luong Son District with primitive sceneries. However, tourism there is not as developed as the first two sites.

Hanoi seat bus to Hoa Binh :

Bus Route : Hanoi - Hoa Binh

Departure place : Hanoi Old quarter (Free pick up at hotel)

Stop station : Hoa Binh city , Mai Chau town

Bus type : seat bus - 16 seats ford transit or 29 seats Huyndai county

Departure time : 07h30 am daily

Arrival time : 4,5 hours later

Bus ticket rate : 15 USD

Contact to book : +84.911.895.016 (Whatsapp,Viber,Sms,Call) or kkvtravel@gmail.com

Hanoi Sleeper Bus to Hoa Binh :

Bus Route : Hanoi - Hoa Binh

Departure place : My Dinh bus station , Giap Bat bus station

Stop station : Hoa binh city

Bus type : VIP sleeper bus (40 berth) - Universe

Departure time : 19h00 ,20h00

Arrival : 5 hours later

Bus ticket rate : 20 USD

Contact to book : +84.911.895.016 (Whatsapp,Viber,Sms,Call) or kkvtravel@gmail.com