Halal Vietnamese food in Hanoi

Most important for Muslim to travel to Hanoi is Halal food, How is Halal food and restaurants in Hanoi? Halal Vietnamese food in Hanoi? Vietnam Halal food restaurants in Hanoi? Halal food in Hoan Kiem distrist? Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese Halal food in Hanoi...Above all questions we receive from our Muslim customers when travel to Hanoi

There are about 70.000 Vietnamese Muslim in Vietnam, Most of population is living in South provinces near Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), So there are more local Muslim, local Halal restaurants and local Muslim products there...However you still can find all types of Halal taste in Hanoi with many choices for you...Below lists are Halal restaurants in Hanoi, which has been checked and certificated from Muslim community in Vietnam.