Hanoi Sleeper Bus to Son La

You are seeking a destination where you can not only enjoy vast green plateau, touching clouds on grandiose mountains and wallowing in melodious streams on river; but can also explore the most exciting part of Vietnamese culture reflected by ethnic minorities? Son La is the place you are trying hard to figure out, let’s pack-up and see what interesting features are waiting for us in this highland.

Son La Highland is most famous for its imposing Moc Chau Plateau, which is an ideal place for milk-cow breading, tea and fruits planting. Not only that, Moc Chau Plateau won’t disappoint travelers with its wide range of natural wonders like “Hang Doi” (Bat Cave); “Thac Dai Yen” (Brassiere Waterfall) and immense forests of pine hidden behind soft mist. It would be a big mistake if ones come to Son La but miss to visit this wonderland.

Another indispensible destination is the gigantic hydroelectric dam of Son La, the biggest hydroelectric dam of Indochina.

Furthermore, Son La is a venue of ecoregions for ones who want fresh air, peacefulness and to mix with the nature. Going on a boat downstream of the smooth Da River, passing Ta Khoa, to Van Yen wharf and reach Muong La to experience charming landscapes on the river’s sides. Letting the water current to guide you to Hang Chu Village where Hong Ngai Commune is located to taste “Hong Ngai” wine and witness the primitive beauty of orchids inside deep forests; to touch floating clouds on hill tops or dipping in cool fresh streams.

Right in the central of Son La City, tourists would have chance to visit the most renowned relic of this province, which is Son La Former Prison and Museum. The site is preserving historic objects – evidences of a difficult but heroic time during the war; and also exhibiting the historical and cultural tradition of 12 ethnic groups living here.

Hanoi Sleeper Bus to Son La :

Bus Route : Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Son La

Departure place : My Dinh bus station

Stop station : Son La city bus station

Bus type : VIP sleeper bus (40 berth) - Universe

Departure time : 10h00 ,14h00 ,19h00 ,21h00 , 22h00

Arrival : 9 hours later

Bus ticket rate : 20 USD

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