Cat Bi airport car rental to Lang Son

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Distance Cat Bi airport Lang Son : 260 km

Time to travel from Cat Bi airport to Lang Son: 2,5 hours

Travel routes from Cat Bi airport to Lang Son : Cat Bi airport -> Highway 5B Hai Phong Ha Noi -> National road 1A -> Lang Son city

4 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Lang Son : 2.600.000 vnd

7 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Lang Son : 2.800.000 vnd

Lang Son is border city with China which has Huu Nghi & Tan Thanh border gate, They are impotant for business exchange between Viet Nam and China. Lang Son also famous with many nice tourists attractions such as Mau Son peak, Bac Son valley, Dong Cao valley, Chi Lang gate,

Cat Bi airport car rental taxi to Lang Son city - 190 km - 4,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car hire to Trang Dinh district Lang Son - 260 km - 5,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Van Lang district Lang Son - 225 km - 5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Binh Gia district Lang Son - 230 km - 5,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car hire to Bac Son district Lang Son - 190 km - 5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Van Quan district Lang Son - 190 km - 4,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Cao Loc district Lang Son - 190 km - 4 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Loc Binh district Lang Son - 190 km - 3,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car hire to Chi Lang district Lang Son - 160 km - 3,5 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Dinh Lap district Lang Son - 160 km - 3 hours for driving

Cat Bi airport taxi car rental to Huu Lung district Lang Son - 140 km - 3,5 hours for driving

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When is the ideal time to visit Lang Son Province?

Lang Son has a tropical monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature of 21°C and annual precipitation ranging from 1200mm to 1600mm. As a result, you can visit Lang Son Vietnam year round.

There are two peak tourism seasons in Lang Son Vietnam. The more important season is from May to August, which coincides with pleasant cool weather.

The second peak season in Lang Son begins in mid-November when the rice is harvested. If you want to experience the ice and cold on Mau Son Mountain, which only happens once in a while, come here between late November and February.

For the rest of the year, Lang Son Vietnam turns back to a calm and peaceful province.

What to see in Lang Son city?

Lang Son is not only a famous city for its markets but also attracts tourists with the magnificent and beautiful natural landscape that nature has bestowed on this land. Here are some of the most famous tourist attractions that you should not miss when visiting Lang Son:

Tam Thanh Pagoda & Cave : Belonging to Tam Thanh ward, Lang Son city, Tam Thanh pagoda cave is the famous landmark of Lang Son. The cave has many natural stone stalactites created with many unique shapes that attract the curiosity of visitors. Tam Thanh pagoda contains many cultural values ​​and especially up to now, it still preserves many valuable objects such as Amitabha Buddha Amitabha in Le – Mac Dynasty.

To Thi Mountain : Located in the scenic spots of Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh and associated with the legend of To Thi’s faithfulness, To Thi Mountain has become a place of worship of the people here.

Chi Lang Gate : This is a famous tourist destination in Lang Son, Chi Lang Gate is the place to record traces of many heroic historical victories of Vietnam. Along with the rugged terrain, the land is regarded as a wall of Thang Long citadel in blocking the famous expeditions. With a monumental scale, Chi Lang Gate is considered as a beautiful landmark in Lang Son that you cannot ignore.

Mac Dynasty Wall : Located in Tam Thanh Ward, Lang Son City, this is a military architectural monument reflecting the feudal period of Vietnam. With the road from the foot of the hill to the city gate with straight steps, you will admire the panoramic view of Lang Son city and look great from above and look majestic and dreamy again.

Phai Ve Flagpole : This is an interesting destination that visitors will once again go from one surprise to another surprise. Although newly built, it can be said that this is a project of great significance. The flagpole is located in the center of Lang Son city, standing there, you can see the whole city at magical colorful night.

Ky Cung Temple : The place has a unique architecture with beautiful scenery. This is also considered a famous spiritual destination of Lang Son. Located in Vinh Trai Ward, this is a sacred place to worship the god Giao Long whose mission is to keep the year-round rain and wind inside the temple there is also Ky Cung wharf, which is one of eight beautiful scenes of Lang Son recorded in Doanh Bat Canh of Ngo Thi Sy.

Huu Nghi International Border Gate : Huu Nghi International Border Gate is an international border gate of Vietnam located on the Vietnam-China border. This is the connecting point of Nam Ninh – Hanoi highway, which is an important bridge in developing economic relations between Vietnam and China. At Huu Nghi international border gate, the Vietnamese side has the landmark 1116 and Chinese side has the landmark 1117, which are all big milestones, with the Coat of Arms of the two countries. Huu Nghi International Border Gate is located on National Highway 1A, 17 km from Lang Son city to the North.

Lang Son Markets : Discovering Lang Son without experiencing the famous shopping markets in Lang Son such as Ky Luu Night Market, Dong Kinh Market, Tan Thanh Market … is a big shortcoming.

What to eat in Lang Son Vietnam?

Lang Son Vietnam is a perfect culinary paradise for foodies. There are lots of dishes to try, such as stewed pork belly, sour noodle soup, steamed rice paper roll with egg,...

Khau Nhuc (stewed pork belly) : Khau Nhuc, a traditional dish of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups, is essential when the locals treat their guests or on special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and longevity wishing ceremonies.

This dish requires complex processing, which takes half a day to prepare. The ingredients used to make Khau Nhuc include bacon, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, minced lean meat, five-spice powder… Through the skillful hands of the people of Lang Son, a delicious, fragrant, soft, bite-sized dish has been created.

Many restaurants in Lang Son serve this well-known dish, including Minh Quang, Trung Xuan, and the food court at Dong Kinh market...

Pho Chua (Sour Rice Noodles) : Pho Chua has two main portions: dry portion and broth. The dry portion includes rice noodles, pan-fried pig liver, spring onion, deep-fried pork belly pig stomach, and roasted duck. The broth is partly made from the fluid inside roasted duck.

After everything has been prepared, the seller mixes them in such a skillful way that maintains a perfect ratio between soup and noodle so that the ingredients will absorb all the spice. Even though it is the last step, the mixing process is the most important.

Pho chua is served with shredded chicken, peanut, water morning glory, fried shallot, Vietnamese mint, chili sauce, and some unknown sauces that taste sweet, sour, and spicy.

There are many pho chua restaurants in the area, but the most famous and delicious Lang Son pho chua address is in That Khe town, Trang Dinh district.

Banh cuon trung (Steamed Rice Rolls) : This is a popular dish for both locals and tourists. Lang Son steamed rice roll is like Thanh Tri rolls or many other places in Northern Vietnam because it is a thin steamed layer of rice flour. The most noticeable difference is the core - a fresh chicken egg.

There are many preparation options with eggs depending on diners’ preferences. If diners want to eat a sunny-side-up egg, the seller will beat the eggs directly in the middle of the rice roll and then roll it. The egg yolk glides under an attractive thin layer of rice paper. In case diners love to eat traditional steamed rice rolls, the seller will stir the eggs with rice flour and mix in a thin layer of rice paper, add chopped meat, then steam them together. The steamed rice rolls will be yellow, sweet, and delicious.

Nem Nuong Huu Lung : Nem Nuong Huu Lung is made from ingredients including fresh pork, pork skin, fine salt, powdered grilled rice, monosodium glutamate... All wrapped with many layers of banana leaves.

After wrapping for about 2 to 3 days, nem nuong will ferment and have a slightly sour taste, that is when we can eat it. Nem nuong is grilled on charcoal. Diners enjoy it with guava leaves, ming aralia leaves, fig tree leaves, and chili peppers. You will feel a sweet flavor that makes a specially delicious taste which cannot be mistaken for other dishes.

Coong Phu : This is a dish that only appears in winter on Lang Son. Coong Phu is made from glutinous rice flour. Each ball is flattened at the top, dotted with a little sesame. The filling of each Coong Phu ball is pureed mung beans mixed with granulated sugar.

When a diner comes to eat Coong Phu, the seller will drop the balls into a pot of sugar water. Wait for one to two minutes for the balls to rise to the top, then scoop the balls into the bowl, pour sugar water in, add a little ginger, copra, roasted peanuts, and banana essential oil or coconut milk.

On the cold winter days in Lang Son Vietnam, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting and enjoying the pungent taste of the ginger, the sweetness of the sugar mixed with the softness and toughness of each ball of Coong Phu. It will be a memorable experience for every visitor who visits Lang Son on winter days.