Cat Bi airport car rental to Hai Phong

Cat Bi airport car rental to Hai Phong - Locally known as “the city of flame flowers’, Hai Phong is the main port city of Northern Vietnam where eyes gaze upon a bundle of graceful colonial-era buildings and flame tree-lined boulevards. Besides an abundance of modern amenities with shopping and recreational spaces in the city center, Hai Phong is also known as a tourist hub with good ferry links to Halong Bay. Generally, Hai Phong City is easily navigable with all the must-sees easy to find by travellers making it a great place to start any day of sightseeing.

Distance Cat Bi airport Hai Phong : 20 km

Time to travel from Cat Bi airport to Hai Phong : 30 minutes

Travel routes from Cat Bi airport to Hai Phong :

4 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Hai Phong : 200.000 vnd

7 seater Taxi price from Cat Bi airport to Hai Phong: 300.000 vnd

Best time to visit : In the proximity of the East Sea, Hai Phong is affected by inter-tropical monsoon climate which features a cold dry north-east monsoon season from November to April and a cool and fresh south-eastern monsoon from May to October. Each season bestows the city typical landscapes and seascapes making it a worth-visiting place all year round. Best time to visit Hai Phong is from November to March with ideal weather and a plethora of beautiful sceneries. Meanwhile, summer is a perfect time for beach vacations

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Weather in Hai Phong?

Hai Phong is an oceanic city with plenty islands and long coastline. Weather here is pretty genuine all year round. However, with the tropical climate, Hai Phong weather is similar to the overall weather of Northern Vietnam: hot and humid, rain in the summer, cold and dry in the winter. The average temperature in the summer is 28,3 degrees and 16,3 degrees in the winter. However, extreme weathers sometimes happen in Hai Phong, the temperature dropped to 4,2 degrees in 2011. Compares to other cities, Hai Phong is much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thanks to the ocean. The weather here is great for developing tourism and economy.

Hai Phong tourist attractions ?

Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay : Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay are 2 most well-known attractions in this province. Cat Ba Island consists of hundreds of immense small islands; a national park with a large primeval forest that is home to many rare animals; stunning beaches, murmuring streams, and monkey island. Taking a trip here for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and trekking is worth a try in Vietnam.

Do Son beach area : Do Son beach is located about 20km southeast of the city center and is a famous tourist destination in Hai Phong Vietnam. You can visit:

Do Son Beach: The best time to go to Do Son beach is in the early years to participate in festivals and in summer to swim and have fun with a water motorbike for 50,000 VND (~ 2.16USD) / minute, parachute for 500,000VND (~ 21.55USD)/ trip.

Villa of Bao Dai King: Located on Vung Hill, in Do Son 2 area. The villa is attracted by the magnificence of a king's mansion and its ancient antiquity. As soon as stepping on the top of Vung Hill, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Do Son tourist area and a large blue sea. Entrance fee for this spot is 20,000 VND (~ 0.86 USD)/ person, and the car parking fee in the villa is 40,000VND (~ 1.72USD)/ car.

Tuong Long Tower: Tuong Long tower, one of the most popular Haiphong attractions, is located on the top of Long Son hill in the Do Son 1 area. From a distance, Tuong Long 9-floor tower is like a pen drawing on the blue sky. Visitors to Do Son spend time visiting Tuong Long tower to admire the historical relics of the port city and also to feel the tranquility of the soul.

Hon Dau : This tourist area is located in the Do Son 3 area with beautiful natural scenery. It includes 2 parts, a natural beach and an artificial beach. A high-end entertainment-complex with: dinosaur park and aquarium park. Also, a luxury resort with villas which are designed in modern and traditional architectural style.

The entrance fee of the amusement park is 60,000 VND (2.6USD) / person.

Hang Kenh Temple : Hang Kenh temple is located in Le Chan district, has an ancient ironwood architecture, arranged in the shape of a peacock. The sculpture art with 268 pieces of dragon-themed carvings is one of the most remarkable points to see here. In the temple, there are still many precious artifacts such as epitaph inscribed with the names of the people who succeeded in the past, stele praising Ngo Quyen - a famous Vietnamese general who won the battle against northern invaders on the Bach Dang river.

Du Hang Pagoda : Located in Du Hang Street, Ho Nam Ward, Le Chan District, this pagoda is the oldest pagoda in this province. The pagoda has many precious relics such as bells, art decorations made from ceramics and the sacred book of A Ham. This pagoda was ranked as a national historical - cultural relic in 1986.

Tam Bac Lake : The lake is located in the city center, associated with many ups and downs in the history of the locals in this port city. Visitors who come here should spend time walking on the paved pavements around the lake, admiring the red poinciana flowers. At night is when the lake becomes shimmering by the symmetrical lighting system on the pavement.

Hai Phong Opera House : Located in Hoang Van Thu street, this construction was built by the French according to the prototype of the Paris theater. Outside the theater has a large square with a beautiful flower garden and an artistic fountain. A lot of cultural events and artistic activities are organized here. The theater was recognized as a national monument in 2015.

Quan Hoa (Flower market) : Quan Hoa is a French built construction which is prominent with 5 curved arches. This small flower market has long been a symbol of this city's beauties and people. There are many types of flowers being sold here that come from famous flower planting places such Dang Hai, Dang Lam, or even from Dalat, China or Netherlands.

Elephant mountain : Elephant Mountain is located about 20km to the southwest of Hai Phong city center. From a distance, this attraction looks like a giant elephant lying on a large rice paddy field. On the way to conquering the mountain by climbing the stone steps, tourists can visit some fairy caves such as Long Tien cave, Nam Tao cave, Thong Voi cave with a lot of stalactites in different shapes of animals like dragon or tiger. The way up the mountain path is quite slippery and steep. Visitors need to be careful and well-prepared with suitable shoes.

Tuyet Tinh Coc - a fairy lake : Tuyet Tinh Coc in Hai Phong Vietnam located 25km northwest of the city center is a lake located among the rocky mountains. The two main colors of blue and white are the highlight of the tranquil scenery which is a great check-in place for those who are passionate about photography. Visiting this stunning lake is a great choice for a day of escaping the bustle of city life. Due to the relatively zigzag road, many small turns, visitors should go motorbike for convenience or rent a taxi to be safer.

Trang Kenh - Bach Dang relic complex : Trang Kenh - Bach Dang relic complex is located 20km northeast of the city center. This place is highly recommended for admiring which is made up of a unique system of limestone mountains, caves and rivers. The relic was recognized as a national historical-cultural-scenic relic in 1962.

Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba island : Lan Ha Bay Vietnam located in the east of Cat Ba island and bordered to the north by the world wonder of Ha Long Bay, has an area of ​​up to 7,000 ha. This bay is considered as a promising tourist paradise with many attractive entertainment activities such as kayaking, cruising,... This bay has a depth from 11m to 26m, suitable for big and luxury cruises. Surrounded by hundreds of large and small islands, this bay was once praised by famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio on his Instagram and he simultaneously appeals to tourists to join hands to protect and preserve the landscape and environment here.

Visit Monkey island : The island is located about 1km from Cat Ba and tourists just need to move from Beo wharf about 10 minutes by boat. Along the way, tourists can admire the scenery of Cai Beo fishing village, surrounded by big and small islands with very majestic and poetic beauty. On the island, there are many monkeys, they are very mischievous and often play with tourists on the beaches. It is interesting to feed them and see them climb and dance.

Lan Ha Bay kayaking : There are many places suitable for kayaking and sightseeing in the bay such as Luon Cave, Ba Trai Dao Cave, Co cave, Dau Be island, Ba Ham lake, Light-Dark cave,…

Mountain climbing : For those who love adventure sports or mountain climbing, Lan Ha bay is also a great choice. Some of the most popular and safe climbing places are: Dau Be Island, cliffs at Beo wharf (1km from Cat Ba island), Ba Trai Dao island (22km from Cat Ba port),...

Visit Lan Ha Bay floating villages

Some fishing villages are worth visiting here could be mentioned as:

- Cai Beo fishing village (also known as Vung O fishing village), this is considered one of the largest historical villages in Vietnam, formed from prehistoric times. In the fishing village with about 300 households, fishing is the main job. Besides, some households also raise fish in cages in the bay for economic development. Just experience the life of the locals in Lan Ha bay and enjoy fresh seafood.

- Cua Van fishing village is also a place that attracts a lot of attention from tourists when coming to the bay. The fishing village is about 12km from Beo wharf, so visitors can ride the boat directly and catch shrimp & fish like the local fisherman.

Swimming in Lan Ha Bay beaches : One suggestion for tourists is to swim at Van Boi beach, located on a small island opposite Rua Gioi Island. One of the beaches still retains the inherent pristine beauty.

Visit caves : Caves exploring is a must-do activity in your Lan Ha Bay tours. Some famous caves are visited by many tourists such as:

- Light & Dark Cave: This cave is like a paradise for rowers with an extremely majestic underground cave system. It is located 12km from Beo Wharf, you have to take a train about 1 and a half hours to be able to reach the cave. To enter, you must travel by kayak. Sitting on the boat and creeping into the row to see the stalactites and capture the most beautiful moments of Lan Ha bay.

- Luon Cave: Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon island, opposite Con Rua island, and next to the right is Heaven Gate. The cave is surrounded by cliffs, like a majestic, steep wall. On these cliffs, you can also see mischievous yellow monkeys climbing from one place to another. The water in the cave is green and smooth throughout all four seasons.