Hanoi Sleeper Bus to Hoi An

Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that caters to travellers of all tastes and across the continents. The little town is just the perfect candidate of what Vietnam tourism ministry is aiming to show to the world.Warm-hearted, welcoming and traditional, but never out of touch with the outside world, the people of Hoi An are in overdrive mode trying to catch up to the opportunities their new found fame has recently given them.

Hanoi Sleeper Bus to Hoi An :

Bus Route : Hanoi - Ha Nam - Ninh Binh - Thanh Hoa - Nghe An - Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An

Departure place : Hanoi Old quarter (Free pick up at hotel)

Stop station : Hoi An city

Bus type : VIP sleeper bus (40 berth) - Universe

Departure time : 17h00 , 18h00

Arrival : 16 hours later

Bus ticket rate : 30 USD

Contact to book : +84.911.895.016 (Whatsapp,Viber,Sms,Call) or kkvtravel@gmail.com