Good taxi brand to Quang Ninh

Hanoi Taxi to Quang Ninh - Quang Ninh is top economy developed province located in the North East of Vietnam, It is border with China, East ocean, Hai Phong city, Bac Giang province, Hai Duong province and Bac Ninh province - Province headquarter city is Halong city, around 160 km from Hanoi central and take 2,5 hour to drive by taxi. Beside biggest city Halong, There are 3 local city name Cam Pha, Uong Bi, Mong Cai and 2 township Dong Trieu, Quang Yen - There are 08 local districts including Ba Che, Binh Lieu, Co to , Dam Ha, Hai Ha , Hoanh Bo, Tien Yen & Van Don.

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Beside a developed economy systerm, Quang Ninh also one of the top attractive province for travellers, With millions of local and foreigners visit yearly...Quang Ninh become more and more famous to tourists...Most stunning tourist spots in Quang Ninh should be : Halong bay , Tuan Chau island, Co To island, Quan Lan island, Minh Chau island, Ba Ham lake, Sung Sot cave, Bao Tho mountain, Yen Tu pagoda, Ba Vang pagoda, Cai Bau pagoda, Cua Ong temple, Tra Co beach, Thien Cung cave, Bai Chay beach, Halong park...Need a reasonable taxi price with English speaking driver to visit above Halong sightseeings Let us know today, We will advice the best itinerary.

Taxi price from Hanoi to Halong city or other cities, township or local districts Quang Ninh :

Good taxi price Hanoi to Halong city - distance 160 km - 80 usd/4 seaters car/way - 90 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Cheap taxi company Hanoi to Cam Pha - distance 210 km - 105 usd/4 seaters car/way - 115 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Save u 15% taxi fare Hanoi to Uong Bi - distance 140 km - 70 usd/4 seaters car/way - 150 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Discount 20% taxi price Hanoi to Mong Cai - distance 320 km - 160 usd/4 seaters car/way - 170 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Big sales taxi price Hanoi to Dong Trieu - distance 100 km - 50 usd/4 seaters car/way - 60 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Cheap taxi operators Hanoi to Quang Yen - distance 150 km - 75 usd/4 seaters car/way - 85 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Hire a good taxi Hanoi to Ba Che - distance 250 km - 125 usd/4 seaters car/way - 135 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Rent a best taxi Hanoi to Binh Lieu - distance 270 km - 135 usd/4 seaters car/way - 145 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Reasonable taxi price Hanoi Co to - distance 210 km - 105 usd/4 seaters car/way - 115 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Rent a luxury taxi Hanoi to Dam Ha - distance 260 km - 130 usd/4 seaters car/way - 140 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Best taxi brand Hanoi to Hai Ha - distance 280 km - 140 usd/4 seaters car/way - 150 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Good taxi company Hanoi to Hoanh Bo - distance 170 km - 85 usd/4 seaters car/way - 95 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Cheapest taxi service Hanoi to Tien Yen - distance 240 km - 120 usd/4 seaters car/way - 130 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Hire a luxury taxi Hanoi to Van Don - distance 210 km - 105 usd/4 seaters car/way - 115 usd/7 seaters taxi/way

Taxi price Hanoi to Quang Ninh included : petro fee, driver, toll fee, taxi 1 way from Hanoi to Quang Ninh city or districts, this price may change at booking time and high season, Please contact us for the best offer

Taxi fare Hanoi to Quang Ninh excluded : highway toll fee, 2 ways transports or stay 2,3 days at destination

How to book taxi Hanoi to Quang Ninh ?

Just contact us via hotline +84911895016 (Whatsapp,Viber, Imessage, Call , Sms ...) to our taxi operator, We will advice the best rate and itinerary, Our driver will welcome and transfer to places you want to go, settle payment to our driver when arrive