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Tuyen Quang is a province of Vietnam, located in the northeastern part of the country to the northwest of Hanoi, at the centre of Lo River valley, a tributary of the Red River. The delta formation in the province is called the Tonkin Delta. Tuyen Quang borders Ha Giang to the north, Cao Bang to the northeast, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen to the east, Vinh Phuc to the south, Phu Tho to the southwest, and Yen Bai to the west. 

Tuyen Quang has 6 rural ditsrict such as Chiem Hoa district , Na Hang district  , Ham Yen district , Lam Binh district , Son Duong district , Yen Son district 

Tuyen Quang owns 300 historical cultural vestiges. The famous one is Tan Trao Historical Site. It was used as a resistance base before the August 1945 Revolution. The main places of interest include Tan Trao Communal House, Hong Thai Communal House and small jungle hut where President Ho Chi Minh lived from June to August 1945. Historical places in the province include the Cave Pagoda at Yen Son; the Dat Nong Tien and the Thuong Temple in Tuyen Quang. The natural beauty of the province is provided by the mountain ranges with peaks exceeding 2,000 metres (6,600 ft), and the My Lan Spring. There are 26 registered historical monuments, eight cultural centres and 42 communal cultural houses in the province. The province also has Na Hang Primitive Forest. It is home of valuable fauna and flora such as dinh, mun (ebony trees), sen (bassia), ape, panther, flying weasel, antelope, and upturned-nosed monkey. The sounds of the waterfall, birds and gibbons, and silver light going through the thick layers in Thac Mo (Mo Waterfall) provide enjoyable feeling for visitors. 

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