Car rental to Mai Son district Son La

Mai Son is a mountainous district of Son La province, district center 30 km from the center of the northern province. Is the industrial center and economic key districts of the province in terms of economic triangle City Son La - Mai Son - Muong la.
Terrain fragmented, complex, interwoven high mountains hills, valleys, basins and plateaus. The average altitude compared to sea level, averaging about 800 m - 850 m, with two major mountain system that runs along the eastern mountain range from the Northwest - Southeast and suites run from the Northwest - Southwest, create multiple sub-areas with different advantages allow developing diversified economy; high mountainous area, steep, heavily dissected by rivers, large streams and high mountain ranges, the average height of the area is 1000m - 1200m compared to sea level, the distribution in the Northeast and southwest of the district includes the area of ​​Ta Hoc commune, Chiang Blankets, Phieng Pan, Na Ot, Phieng chin, Chiang Place ...; The average hilly terrain, with an average altitude of 500 - 700 m over sea level, popularity is the average high mountains, alternating Phieng yards, basin, very favorable for the development of agriculture and construction ... construction of industrial parks, distributed mainly along National Highway 6

Mai son has 21 commune including :  Chiềng Ban, Chiềng Chăn, Chiềng Chung, Chiềng Dong, Chiềng Kheo, Chiềng Lương, Chiềng Mai, Chiềng Mung, Chiềng Nơi, Chiềng Sung, Chiềng Ve, Cò Nòi, Hát Lót, Mường Bằng, Mường Bon, Mường Tranh, Nà Bó, Nà Ớt, Phiêng Cằm, Phiêng Pằn, Tà Hộc và thị trấn Hát Lót.

Hanoi - Mai Son district Son La  Car rental service including :
Petro fee
Toll fee
Profesional driver
Bottle of water on car
Hotel or private pick up

Hanoi - Mai So district Son La car rental service excluding :
Tip for driver
Personal expense 

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Call, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, for quotation and itinerary,We will issue letter of confirmation via email, deposit 10% via Paypal , Credit card , Western Union , Money Gram , Bank Transfer
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