Ban Phon Sapa Lao Cai

Location: The City is a mountainous commune of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Features: Coming here, tourists had been sightseeing highland mountains just enjoying specialty Ban Pho, especially corn Ban Pho wine. From Bac Ha town, traveling on a winding road, winding clinging to the slopes of Hoang Lien Son mountain range 4km beneath the verdant valley of maize and rice colored young …; roadside forests untouched plum blossom Three eyes are laden season, guests will visit Ban Pho.

Seen from afar, Ban Pho like a beautiful picture and vivid: a blend of vast blue of rolling mountains, is the home of the Mongolian folds like a bird’s nest clinging to the mountainside.

Ban Pho is the oldest colony sites of Mongolia, there are over 500 families with over 3,000 inhabitants. According Mandarin Martian – common language of several nations living on the northern border strip, from “City” refers to the concentration of population and restaurants.

The Hmong people living in the bungalow Street structure style cold countries: They made ​​houses on high, clinging to cliffs or slopes, their floors are often lower and airtight, building materials mainly by wood; Indoor always have fireplaces, eat dried meat year round, with dishes “men men” gifts “trying to win” unique.

The Hmong like to use a variety of instruments, the most characteristic is the praise and Environmental Forum. On the Lunar New Year or the date of the fair, the young men and women who Mong panpipe blown call you and keep up the question love singing.